Detection technology that preys on threats.

Our proven detection technology cracks open threats that aren’t visible to the human eye, giving you an uncompromised sight line into real dangers at border crossings, ports of entry, security checkpoints, and even in residential and commercial properties.

Front-line ready to eliminate risk.

On the cutting edge of technology, Viken Detection’s industry-leading x-ray imaging and chemical analysis products are trusted by authorities to find hidden weapons, narcotics, cash, explosives and more.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection uses our Osprey Systems to help prevent drug and human trafficking along the southern border.
Innovation is core to what we do. We’re constantly fueling our innovation engine with new ideas, launching AI and machine-learning initiatives, and currently hold 20 technology patents.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has deployed our Nighthawk HBI handheld x-ray imagers to empower its agents locate concealed contraband.


With relentless precision, our hand-held and vehicle scanning devices use advanced X-ray technology to scan places where contraband may be hidden. Viken technology detects signals that both reflect and transmit through the object (drugs, weapons, explosives) and creates a 2D real-time image so law enforcement can identify contraband within seconds without having to do a physical search or handle the objects themselves.


By converting a sample into charged particles and observing how the ions move within a gas-filled detection tube, you can determine if narcotics, explosives, or other chemicals are or have been present. Once confirmed, the bulk sampling mode specifically identifies suspicious materials.


X-ray fluorescence technology analyzes and determines what elements in the periodic table make up a specific object or sample. Viken devices work by measuring the fluorescence (or secondary) X-ray emitted from a sample when it is scanned by primary X-ray source; and are particularly useful in detecting lead.

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Nighthawk™ product preview image.



Scans deeper to see hidden threats.

With laser-focused vision, the Nighthawk Handheld X-Ray Backscatter Imaging System sees what is invisible to the human eye, detecting concealed contraband, weapons, narcotics and explosives in luggage, barrels, vehicles, upholstery, and many other applications. The ideal union of image quality, penetration, ergonomics and safety, the Nighthawk features automatic lead-trap identification, a newly engineered detector, and upgradeable higher energy.

Nighthawk HBI™
Viken’s most compact and lightweight handheld X-ray is also rugged and economical. With vastly improved image quality, the Nighthawk HBI is the only backscatter X-ray imager in its class, adept at rooting out concealed contraband in the most challenging environments including passenger vehicles and reefer containers.
Nighthawk BTX™
Image quality meets performance in the Nighthawk BTX. This powerful backscatter and transmission handheld X-ray system boosts backscatter image quality even at higher standoff distances. The BTX is customizable with a transmission panel accessory for on-the-fly imaging.

Both the HBI and BTX are available with optional PbIDTM, an XRF-based lead identification capability.
Nighthawk BTX™ product image.
Osprey™/<wbr>Harrier™ product preview image.



Provides comprehensive vehicle examination.

The vehicle X-ray portal provides inspectors with the ability to:

  • see photorealistic images of the content
  • get a complete field of view of multi-height vehicles, including the tires of passenger and commercial vehicles
  • security screen at campuses, theme parks, seaports, land borders, airports, sports arenas, hotels, and conference centers
Osprey UVX™
Our innovative under-vehicle X-ray portal provides high-throughput inspection of passenger vehicles at border crossings, military bases, and other high-security checkpoints. Say “goodbye” to risky and time-consuming undercarriage mirror-and-camera inspection systems because now you can scan in three modes: backscatter, transmission, or both. Deployed by leading law enforcement agencies, the Osprey UVX tirelessly screens passenger and commercial vehicles for narcotics, explosives, weapons, and other concealed contraband at the lowest radiation dose, far lower than the government safety requirements for occupied vehicles.
Osprey TVX™
This high throughput, top-down X-ray vehicle portal comes armed with the ability to detect narcotics, explosives, weapons, currency, and stowaways in passenger and commercial vehicles. A must for high-traffic environments, the small footprint and relatively low construction costs of the Osprey provide the ultimate in checkpoint design flexibility for optimized vehicle scanning.
Osprey MVX™
With fast, easy deployment, this mobile vehicle X-ray is a self-contained system that’s ready to go wherever security screening countermeasures are urgently needed. The innovative design gives inspection officers photorealistic transmission and backscatter images which can reveal threats like explosives, drugs, currency, and fraudulent manifest items including cigarettes and alcohol. The Osprey MVX multitasks to the max, providing the flexibility of being used in stationary mode or scan while driving the vehicle.
Harrier 3VX™
Designed with enhanced resolution for the high-throughput detection of narcotics, contraband, and threats, the Harrier provides three-sided, low-energy backscatter and transmission vehicle scanning. The 3VX utilizes Viken’s proprietary imaging technology to provide exceptional vehicle images with material discrimination and minimal radiation exposure. The UVX can be added for a 4 vantage point system.
Harrier TVX™ product image.
Foxhound™ product preview image.



Tirelessly hunts out narcotics.

Our handheld chemical analyzer is uniquely designed to detect narcotics. The Foxhound has been an important tool used by law enforcement to help protect the public from the opioid crisis. Last year, 107,375 people in the U.S. died of drug overdoses, with 67% of those deaths due to synthetic opioids.

foxhound HNA™
The Foxhound HNA hunts out major classes of narcotics in seconds, including opiates, cocaine, amphetamine-based drugs, and the highly potent synthetic fentanyl. Thanks to its compact, lightweight design, the HNA is the only detector with built-in regenerative dryers that are capable of sampling in both trace and bulk modes with a single sampling wand. The Foxhound has been designed with field-ready features, including a non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) source (which does not require radiation licensing), and a touchscreen user interface and form-fitting sampling wand, so it can be deployed in both handheld or tabletop configurations without loss in sensitivity. Hot-swappable batteries and internal charging capability means the Foxhound works continuously while on the move.
foxhound HXA™
Coming soon
foxhound HDA™
Coming soon
foxhound HDA™ product image.


Faster, safer inspections with a lower cost of ownership.

A quantum leap forward in XRF-sensing technology, the Pb200 is the lightest, easy-to-use analyzer that accurately detects lead in seconds. For the estimated 3.6 million households with children that have significant lead paint hazards, the Pb200 is a reliable way to remove the threat.

The gold standard in the lead paint analysis market since 2015, the Pb200e is the instrument of choice for lead paint inspection. Unparalleled in the industry, the Pb200e uses K-shell technology for accuracy at all depths, not just surface detection. The Pb200e has been the frontline workhorse since its inception, helping keep children safe from lead poisoning. The Pb200e is the only lead paint analyzer exempt from any radiation licensing or X-ray regulatory reporting, making it simple to own and maintain.
Pb200e™ product image.

Our mission is to create innovative detection technology to protect people against hidden dangers and unseen threats. As a stronghold of science and technology, we help provide security and detection solutions that help authorities safeguard against drug trafficking, terrorism, and environmental hazardous threats.

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