/ Jul 22, 2020

Viken Detection Announces Initial Police Department Recipients for Its Recently Announced “VALOR” Program

Program Provides Underfunded Police Departments with Handheld X-Ray Backscatter Technology To Find Drugs, Cash and Weapons Hidden in Vehicles While Limiting Officers’ Exposure to Contraband and Other Hazards


BURLINGTON, Mass.–Viken Detection, pioneer of x-ray imaging and analytical devices, today announced the initial five police departments from around the country that will receive handheld x-ray technology for drug interdiction through the company’s “VALOR” program that was introduced in June. VALOR is an acronym for Viken Assisting Law-enforcement in the Opioid Response.

The program was created to provide refurbished technology, either free or at cost, to help law enforcement fight the opioid crisis and get drugs, cash and weapons out of circulation and off the street. The technology is a handheld x-ray imager called the HBI-120, engineered and manufactured by Viken Detection, that enables law enforcement to quickly, safely and cost-effectively find concealed explosives, narcotics and other contraband hidden in vehicles.

After receiving many applications, Viken Detection engaged an independent law enforcement veteran to select the first five recipient agencies that have been particularly impacted by the opioid epidemic. This morning, representatives from each of the initial five recipients chosen were presented with the imager at Viken Detection’s Burlington facility and received training on behalf of their respective departments.

“Police departments around the country have been asked to undertake a seemingly impossible task that has only grown in scope since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic and that is to protect the public from the opioid crisis,” said Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken Detection. “This handheld imaging technology has allowed drug interdiction officers to take thousands of pounds of drugs out of circulation already and it is our hope that with increased access to this technology, officers will be able to meet their public safety mandate better and more quickly as the opioid epidemic rages on.”

The recipient police departments are in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Indiana. The presentations were given this morning at Viken Detection’s Burlington facility in an event that enabled Viken to recognize these officers for the work they and their departments are doing under difficult circumstances.

For more information about Viken Detection’s VALOR program or about the technology, please visit us at www.vikendetection.com.


About Viken Detection

Viken equips public safety organizations, including customs and border protection agencies, law enforcement, and security professionals with effective, safe, and affordable detection tools to thwart imminent threats. The company’s innovative suite of handheld x-ray imagers, chemical analyzers, vehicle scanners and elemental analyzers are proven and reliable in their respective markets with thousands of units operating in the field. Viken Detection is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit www.vikendetection.com.