KRGV News Rio Grande, TX: CBP to enhance scanning technology at southern border land ports

krgv osprey

Ports of entry along the southern border will soon be adding scanning technology to more quickly detect concealed drugs, weapons, cash, explosives and people.

Viken Detection, a Boston-based security technology company, is supplying U.S. Customs and Border Protection with two products. They created a handheld device called an HBI-120, and an in-ground X-ray scanner, Osprey-UVX.

"Specific to the Osprey UVX contract is four systems. Two will be installed in Laredo and two in Brownsville. We expect by the July, August time frame to be completed. The first one is going in Brownsville. We're negotiating a new site for passenger vehicle location in Brownsville," Jeffrey Hunt, Viken Senior Director of Sales and Solutions, said.

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