When there’s a threat to safety, we’re there.

Viken has mindfully expanded into a diverse set of industries with uncompromising products that help those that protect and serve.

In a myriad of industries with one sole purpose.

When we launched Viken, our products were first deployed to law enforcement to uncover hidden public threats and keep those who protect us safe.

While our commitment to the law enforcement community remains strong, we’ve introduced our expanded portfolio of technologies to a variety of new industries that also have a strong need for superior detection capabilities.
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Our walk-through people scanners help even the busiest of airports run efficiently by quickly and seamlessly processing employees and passengers to ensure prohibited items are detected, identified, and prevented from passing through into secure locations.
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Our handheld detection tools and walk-through people scanners allow prison security to keep contraband from being smuggled into facilities and hidden within cell mattresses, food trays, walls, plumbing, and clothing. Unlike manual searches, our X-ray detection tools keep prison staff safe from harm by accidental exposure to narcotics and sharp weapons.
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Customs & Border Protection

Customs &
Border Protection

Agents responsible for securing Ports of Entry including airports, land borders, and seaports use the full breadth of our detection technologies to help identify hidden narcotics, weapons, and other illegal goods in personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, and shipping containers.
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Our combination of vehicle scanners and handheld devices have military applications across the globe. From personal and commercial vehicle inspection at perimeter gates, to pedestrian people scanning, our family of products satisfies even the most sensitive military base security needs.
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Construction & Real Estate

& Real Estate

Our handheld X-ray tools and XRF scanners provide commercial and residential home inspectors and construction trades with a non-invasive way to identify studs, pipes, and wires prior to opening a wall; confirm pipes, joints, fasteners, and welds are properly assembled; and detect whether moisture, mold, and lead are present in structures.
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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Our large vehicle scanners and smaller handheld devices allow for comprehensive and flexible inspection of vehicles and personal items (backpacks, purses, coolers) brought onsite at a variety of venues, including government buildings, healthcare facilities, large-scale manufacturing sites, utility providers, transportation systems, and more.
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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Our products have been invaluable for personal vehicle and small package inspection during traffic stops and searches. Law enforcement agencies around the globe use Viken’s handheld tools to detect narcotics, weapons, and other dangerous contraband, as well as identify suspects and materials concealed in ceiling rafters, car trunks, or behind doors or walls.
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Urban Security

Urban Security

Our family of detection tools meets a wide variety of indoor and outdoor screening needs at schools and universities, sports and entertainment venues, commercial businesses, and more. In venues which have shifting needs based on events, VIP attendees, and onsite activities, shift based on our vehicle scanners, people scanners, and handheld devices allow for wide flexibility in deployments.

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