Vehicle scanning technology at the border is about to ruin the drug trade

Viken Detection is one of the companies developing a full vehicle scanning portal for passenger vehicles at one of those border entry points.

"The goal for us would be to scan every vehicle that's going across the border," said Viken Detection CEO Jim Ryan. The mission is analogous to Transportation Security Administration scanning every person and piece of luggage that makes it onto an airplane as quickly as possible.

High technology used to make $1.3 billion cocaine bust

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It is being called technology that's exponentially changing the fight against drug trafficking both inside the U.S. and at Ports of entry like here at Packer Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia.

US fires up X-ray tech to catch illegal drugs at the border

CBP awarded a $28.8 million contract last October to Viken Detection, which makes a handheld X-ray device called the HBI-120. Like the drive-through machines, these scanners also use backscatter imaging. Local law enforcement agencies and drug task forces have been using these handheld scanners for about a year.

How a handheld lead paint analyzer works

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - FOX 5 NY got an exclusive look at the new device that is being used to test for lead paint in tens of thousands of NYCHA apartments.
The Viken PB200I looks like a sophisticated store price checker but it is actually a lead paint analyzer. It allows EPA-trained technicians to instantly test for lead paint.